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Sample Questions

OHIO - Math Grade 4

Eli collects rare coins. He has 18 coins in all. 1/3 of the coins are from foreign countries, and the rest are old U.S. coins. How many coins are old U.S. coins?

  1. 6
  2. 12
  3. 3

The correct answer is B. If 1/3 of the coins are foreign, 1/3 of 18 would be 6 foreign coins. Subtract the number of foreign coins from the total number of coins to get the number of U.S. coins. 18 total coins - 6 foreign coins = 12 U.S. coins.

OHIO - Science Grade 6

According to the rock cycle, what types of rocks can be changed into metamorphic rocks?

  1. magma
  2. sedimentary and igneous
  3. sedimentary and shale
  4. igneous and magma

The correct answer is B. Metamorphic rock can be formed from igneous or sedimentary rock. Extreme heat and pressure would change these rocks into metamorphic rocks.

OHIO - Citizenship Grade 9

The Northwest Ordinance of 1787 did not create or establish which of the following:

  1. a plan for a territory to be admitted to the union as a state.
  2. a system of government administered by a territorial governor.
  3. a plan to provide free public education throughout the territory.
  4. a process to allow newly formed states to vote whether or not slavery would be allowed.

The correct answer is D. In carving out the new Northwest Territory, it was agreed that slavery would not be allowed.

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