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Sample Questions

NJ ASK - Math

Henry, Beth, Dan and Jeff were in the lunch line. Jeff was complaining because Henry always gets in line before he does. Dan is between his two friends, Henry and Jeff. Beth is first in line. Who is last in line?

  1. Henry
  2. Beth
  3. Dan
  4. Jeff

The correct answer is D. You can solve this problem by elimination. Dan was between Henry and Jeff, so he could not be last. It also stated that Henry always gets in line before Jeff, so Henry could not be last. Since Beth is first in line, she is not last. That leaves Jeff as the only possible choice.

NJ ASK – Language Arts Literacy

In the sentence, "The edge of the smoke cloud was just a stone's throw away," the author is saying ...

  1. throw a stone and you'll be by the cloud.
  2. the cloud is not very far away.
  3. the cloud's distance could be measured in stones.
  4. the children were throwing stones away.

The correct answer is B. "A stone's throw away" is an expression that means something is not very far away.

GEPA - Science

Which one of the following statements represents a chemical change taking place with a candle that has just been lit?

  1. The candle is melting.
  2. The candle is getting shorter.
  3. The candle wick is burning.
  4. The candle is getting softer.

The correct answer is C. Burning produces a chemical change. The other changes are physical changes.

GEPA - Math

On a very cold winter day, the temperature at 7:00 AM was -4°C. By noon, the temperature had climbed 8°C. By 10:00 PM, the temperature had dropped 13°C from where it had been at noon. What was the temperature at 10:00 PM?

  1. -9°C
  2. -25°C
  3. -1°C
  4. 17°C

The correct answer is A. When the temperature climbs it goes up. At noon the temperature was (-4 + 8)°C or 4°C. When the temperature drops it goes down, and you should subtract. At 10:00 PM the temperature would have been (4 - 13)°C which equals -9°C.

GEPA – Language Arts Literacy

Referring to a book as "personal" captures what characteristic of a book?

  1. lifelike
  2. ease in usage
  3. portability
  4. valued possession

The correct answer is D. In the context of this letter, a book is referred to as "personal" because people tend to value its ownership. The letter mentions two ways people personalize books: writing one's name in the book and writing an inscription when presenting the book as a gift.

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