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Sample Questions

ISAT - Math Grade 5

Nine children took a science test and their scores were:
97, 93, 92, 87, 86, 81, 81, 78 and 74.
What was the median score and the mode?

  1. median 91, mode 23
  2. median 86, mode 81
  3. median 85, mode 86
  4. median 81, mode 85
  5. median 97, mode 74

The correct answer is B. The median is the middle number in an ordered list of data (highest to lowest or lowest to highest). 86 is the fifth or middle number out of nine. The mode is the number that appears most often. 81 is the mode because it is the only number that appears more than once in this list.

ISAT - Social Science Grade 4

Why was the Black Hawk War of 1832 important in Illinois history?

  1. It marked the end of the Indian-held lands in the Illinois region.
  2. It helped to preserve the species of black hawks, which are native to Illinois.
  3. It ended slavery in the Illinois region.
  4. It gave Indians the right to citizenship.

The correct answer is A. Black Hawk was a Sauk Indian chief who fought to stop the westward movement of settlers in Illinois. His tribes lost the Black Hawk War in 1832, which marked the end of Indian-held lands in Illinois.

ISAT - Science Grade 4

Which of the following pairs of words best matches Nonmagnetic-Magnetic?

  1. plastic-glass
  2. aluminum-iron
  3. wood-paper
  4. rubber-concrete

The correct answer is B. Iron is the only magnetic material listed. Therefore, answer choice B is the only choice which gives a nonmagnetic material (aluminum) first, and a magnetic material (iron) second.

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